Face Shield Demand Increasing

As Summer temperatures rise and more businesses are opening around the country, there is a higher demand for Face Shields. While the general public of the United States has been accumulating face masks, businesses in Canada are seeing a new demand for Face Shields. What is the difference and are they as effective?

Let's dive into the most important question of the conversation, is a Face Shield just as effective in keeping you protected as a Face Mask. The answer is yes, if worn correctly a Face Shield can actually keep you more protected from droplet-spread inhalation of the virus. Also whereas a mask is covering your nose and mouth, the shield covers your eyes in addition. 

For the best protection, the face shield plastic should extend past your chin and the plastic should stretch to both of your ears. Try to keep the headpiece as high on your head as possible so there are no exposed gaps on your forehead.

Other benefits of Face Shields include the ability to better communicate. The clear plastic allows for facial expressions and no more muffled speech as when wearing a Face Mask. They work extremely well for better communication in the retail and service industries.

Don't just take our word for it, visit the links below to see what the professionals have to say about the comparison of Face Shields to Face Masks.

CBC News Article from Canada - June 17, 2020