About our Upcycled Medical Materials

Superior TECH PPE is fortunate in that the local healthcare facilities wanted to support us on our personal protective equipment manufacturing and had a brilliant idea of materials they could send our way.

St.Luke’s and Essentia Hospitals in Duluth, Minnesota are supplying us with their cloth-like wrap used for covering surgical equipment. Trays with sterilized instruments are wrapped in this fabric to keep the tools clean until the point of surgery. After the tools are removed, the wrap becomes waste and is thrown in the trash. This all happens before a patient even enters the room. This light, yet durable wrap is perfect for manufacturing our reusable face masks. Medical table drape fabric is lighter than the pack wrap and utilized for our single-use face masks.

Because the materials that we are using donated materials, the colors of our reusable face masks vary. The are always blue and white, but where the colors are placed on the masks changes often.